The U.S.-Asia Law Institute serves as a resource and partner to various Asian countries as they reform and further develop their legal systems and institutions. As one of the United States’ preeminent centers for the study of Asian law, the Institute also works to improve the understanding of Asian legal systems by lawyers, academics, policy makers and the public.

Formally established in 2006 by renowned scholar of Chinese law and NYU law professor, Jerome A. Cohen, the U.S.-Asia Law Institute conducts research on Asian law, offers a wide variety of Asian legal courses, facilitates academic exchange between Asian and U.S. legal scholars and coordinates projects in Asia to further the Institute’s dual goals of assistance and understanding. Through these projects and its cooperation with Asian legal reformers, the U.S.-Asia Law Institute is in a unique position to provide real-world insight into the actual progress of legal reform in Asia and to assist in shaping the future of that reform.